Deeps Glycerin Enriched GLO liquid hand wash has been especially formulated for daily use. It fights with germs and bacteria and leaves your hands feeling fresh and clean. It takes care of your hands while you clean off bacteria and germs with this hand-wash.

Available in 250 ml (pump). Bulk Packaging available on Demand.

Direction of Use
To release pump, rotate spout anticlockwise, press the nozzle twice for priming press the nozzle on the wet hand. Work up a rich lather and rinse well for clean hands.

Every year, outbreaks of infectious diseases like cold and flu result in hundreds of millions of missed school & work days. When people come to school or work sick and spread germs via touch points. Often times germs, bacteria and viruses are found on doorknobs, keyboards, desks and railings. The threat of infections lurk on every surface people touch, and on every door handle they open. In fact, a strong hand hygiene program can reduce absenteeism by a fairly significant number. Emphasizing handwashing to students, staff and workers will only go so far in changing habits.