Deeps FIT Dish Wash Gel is concentrated dish washing liquid which cuts & dissolves tough oil and grease from your dishes effectively. The advance formulation of Deeps FIT Dish Wash Gel cuts through Animal, Dairy and Vegetable fat and leave your dishes Clean, Shine and Smooth. Gives a natural Fresh fragrance. No Harmful Material used in Deeps FIT Dish Wash Gel

  • Deeps FIT helps clean dishes easily.
  • Unlike dishwash bars, Deeps FIT leaves no white residue and leaves your utensils sparkling clean.
  • Deeps FIT is so strong that only 1 spoonful gel cleans an sink-full of dirty utensils.
  • Deeps FIT gives you a pleasant cleaning experience with its refreshing fragrance
  • Does not damage the surface of delicate cookware
  • Deeps FIT also tough on stains, gentle on your hands
  • Specially formulated to cut through grease and dried on food leaving a superior finish and easily rinses away for a natural, streak-free shine on all your glasses, plates, pots and pans etc.
  • It also prevents growth of bacteria on the user and reduces the risk of contamination

Available in 250 ml and 500 ml bottle and 5 Litres Jar. Bulk Packaging available on Demand.