DEEPS DOCTORS (BLEACHING POWDER) can be used to clean the surfaces of bathrooms, courtyards and roofs to wipe off the growth of fungus. It is ideal for use in swimming pools, sterilization of bottle lines and general sanitation. It prevents the outbreak of epidemic diseases during floods and other natural calamities.

A powerful triple acting bleaching powder that destroys fungus, prevents contamination and keeps drinking water safe by ensuring that there is no bacterial infection.
An effective cleaning agent, produces adequate chlorine to purify large water bodies or bleach or disinfect an area.

  • Grade A Powerful Bleaching Powder
  • Disinfection in water treatment & sewage disposal.
  • Bleaching, stain removal & disinfection of cotton clothing in laundries, hospitals & homes
  • Controlling of mosquitoes through eradication of mosquito larvae in drains, gutters, ponds etc.
  • Disinfection, de-odorizing and bleaching of residential premises, swimming pools, public conveniences etc.
  • Calcium HypoChlorite, Stable, Disinfectant
  • Weight : 500 Gms, Loose Packed. Bulk Packaging available on Demand.


1Available ChlorineMin 35% at the time of packing
3TypeDry White Powder
4StabilityDoes not lose more than 1/15th of Available chlorine on heating at 100°C
5Temperature range
(for stability of Product)
15°C to 45°C
6Mercury CompoundNo mercury compound added