DEEPS CITRUS is a floor cleaner. DEEPS CITRUS can be used in living rooms, kitchen, bathroom and toilets and also acts as a fly and mosquito repellent.

It is free from all harmful chemicals and ideal for mosaic and marble floors. A simple household petro-herbal product with 100% pure citronella oil – a floor cleaner from the house of DEEPS that cleans and freshens

  • This herbal floor cleaner comes in 500ml and 1 litre bottle and 5 Litres Jar 
  • Cleans stains, kills germs and acts as an insect repellent
  • Add 2 caps full to 5 litres (half bucket) of water and gently mop the floor/any surface
  • It contains no toxic chemicals. It uses natural ingredients such as lemon grass, citronella oils
  • Bulk Packaging available on Demand
Product specification for DEEPS CITRUS
1Specific Gravity0.980 to 0.985
2ColourMilky White
4Stability18 months from the date of manufacturing of the product
5Temperature range
(for stability of Product)
15°C to 38°C
6Mercury CompoundNo mercury compound added
7Health HazardsFree from pollution, user friendly and do not cause any health hazard.